Got Milk? No, thanks! …check out the life changing benefits I’ve experienced since quitting dairy 50 days ago!

Fifty days ago I decided to take a break by dairy.


No more cheese.
No more yogurt.

I know that might sound like a bad idea to some.
I know it definitely sounds like torture to others.

No more half and half in my coffee.
No more chocolate.

“How are you going to get enough calcium?”
“But you need dairy for healthy gut bacteria!”

No more sour cream.
No more milk.




I get it.
I totally understand where your concerns are coming from.

No more baked goods.
No more cream cheese.

We live in a Got Milk? society.
Dairy is praised and pushed as a recommended part of our daily diet.

No more butter.
No more creamy salad dressings.




I understand your hesitation.
I can see the eye roll.

But I promise you I’ve done my homework and I’ve researched this for years.
Dairy isn’t the savior you think it is and if you’re really interested, watch this!

I absolutely loved milk as a kid and into my mid-twenties.
I would take a tall glass of cold milk with every meal over anything else.
Just ask my folks!
We always had 2 gallons in the fridge because we went through it so fast.
I couldn’t get enough cheese, baked good and forget it with the ice cream.

I’ve always loved dairy!
…but I don’t think it’s ever loved me.


I began to educate myself a few years back
when I started to care about my health.
At first I was shocked by what I discovered,
and now I know the truth and I can’t ignore it.
Now that I’ve experienced the benefits of going dairy free for myself,
I can’t go back.

There’s tons of bad stuff out there that we put in our bodies
and expose ourselves to every day.
Why am I starting with dairy?
Well, I have to start somewhere
and I thought this would make a significant difference for me!
Trust me when I say that I have every intention
to continue to eliminate other poisons from my life as time goes on.


…Sounds dramatic.
Yes, poison!
Pus. Sugar. Fat. Hormones. Antibiotics. Chemicals.

The information is out there.
You’re either going to look into or you’re not.
That’s your business.
Your choice!



So here’s the best part!
Here’s what has happened to me
in the past fifty days
since I quit dairy…..

I’ve lost 12lbs
without doing anything else!
No calorie counting.
No added cardio.
No starving myself.

It’s like a layer of bloat that covered my entire body
is just disappearing,
especially around my stomach
and my face.

My digestion
and all its functional buddies
have greatly improved.

My favorite side effect has been
that I have had ZERO congestion
or pressure in my sinuses.

This time of year my post nasal drip is usually so horrible
that it turns into an obnoxious hacking cough
and then pneumonia.

…But I can breathe through my nose with no problems,
all day and all night.

I haven’t used my once beloved nasal allergy spray
…in almost two months.

My appetite seems to be less.

I feel like I have more energy and less brain fog.

My sense of smell and taste have vastly improved.

and finally, my face is clear
and my skin is softer and smoother.




My experience of going without dairy has been so beneficial,
that I’ve just kept going.

I feel too good to go back!

Now that’s not to say that I will never have a slice of pizza again!

I don’t have a severe milk or lactose allergy that I am aware of.
But it seems that I have had an allergy all along,
but I never realized it!

I’m sure I will eat it from time to time throughout my life as a treat,
but dairy is now in the category of junk food as far as I’m concerned.
Something to rarely eat.
Something that I will go weeks or ever months at a time without.
We will see how my body handles it the next time I try it.
My body may react in such a negative way
that the consequence does not make it worth it.

So that’s my little story of going dairy free.
It’s been 50 days and I’m in no hurry to get back to it.

Have I missed it?
A few times, sure!

When we’ve eaten tacos it was a bit strange not to pile on Mexican cheese.
I also missed my regular coffee with cream and sugar for a while.
But I’m more or less past it.
It’s just my new reality.
It’s just my new normal.

I hope I’ve inspired you to look into it for yourself!
I hope I’ve inspired you to try going dairy free
for a couple of weeks to see how you feel!
It might be worth your while!


Go Dairy Free!





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